Four things are important for a good live trap. It should:
Catch mice
Be durable
Be affordable
Be well camouflaged

Catching mice
When a mouse walks into the trap, the trapdoor should shut. For this the trapping mechanism has to be sensitive enough, and made in such a way that it cannot be avoided by the mouse. The trapping mechanism itself is made out of a strip of aluminum, positioned in such a way that a small mouse cannot crawl under the strip. At Heslinga Traps every single trapping mechanism is checked and tuned by hand.

Once caught a mouse will stick it’s snout though every possible opening to chew on tho aluminum. To avoid this, all openings in the Heslinga Trap have been kept as narrow as possible. A trap set in the grass can be difficult to spot. Someone might step on the trap. Often the aluminum can bent back into shape. To prevent any parts from coming loose, they are securely riveted. Spare parts are also available, should they be needed. These three things put together will insure a long lasting trap, which they have proven extensively in the field.

A live trap is a complex product, but this does not mean that to much should paid. Buying hundred traps is a considerable investment for a consultancy or nature organization. By focusing on one product, keeping the organization small, and continued investments, Heslinga Traps is able to offer an affordable trap.